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My name is Garth Holding and I am the inventor of the Q Wave Pulse™ low frequency pain management disc.


On March 23, 2004 my life changed dramatically when I was faced with many life threatening injuries, two near death experiences and one cardiac arrest.  I survived a major head on collision and was air lifed by helicopter ambulance to a main trauma centre in Toronto, Canada.  Over 10 years I had 23 surgeries, endless rehab, and was physically challenged in a wheelchair for 8 years. I was fighting an addiction to drug medications such as opiods and fentanyl patches. My body rejected some of these medications causing seizures and tremors due to the ever increasing doses. It was a struggle just to function every day. 

I went through a physical and mental transformation from the near death experiences.  It was during this time I recognized that my life had to change otherwise I had no hope. It was on this  journey of near death that I envision the Q Wave Pulse™. I was able to form the idea of how it would work and how it could help my body control pain and heal.  I could also see how the device could help others who are suffering with the same daily pain and regain control of their lives. 


Many years of extensive rehab and continued surgeries, fighting an addiction to high priced prescription opium based pain medications with life threatening side effects, brought me to realizing that I needed a better solution.  At that time wheelchair bound I was motivated and inspired to find a drug free solution to dealing with pain. The idea began - and like all ideas they start with a dream.

















Prior to my car accident in 2004 when I suffered mass trauma to my entire body and many surgeries that followed, I lead a normal active life. My life changed dramatically after that day in March 2004 and over the years after suffering intense daily pain, I needed to find a better way of dealing with my pain and to find a way to help others like myself. 


I wanted to make a difference. During this time I was able to raise money for hospital's and heath care in the province of Ontario, Canada near my home. I was very moved and motivated by listening to people in similar circumstances which made a difference and gave me purpose.  My name was mentioned in several medical journals and newsletters.  It amazed me when I met with different doctors, specialists on the severity of my injuries that I sustained in my car accident and through massive trauma and their recurring statement was "You shouldn't be here but you are for a reason"


After completing my research in hospitals, medical centres, rehab clinics and speaking with medical professionals, I discovered that nothing like the Q Wave Pulse ™ existed. All my specialists expressed interest in my product that could help control pain in the low frequency range rather than just expensive or highly addictive pain medications. I found treating pain and injuries with ultra low frequency waves was available but only on expensive or complicated devices.  

Ten years of pain, eight years of being in a wheelchair and physically challenged, I’m walking proof that a system this simple can bring a drug-free relief approach to healing. While drugs temporarily address the pain, the Q Wave Pulse ™ healing disc  can actually help correct the underlying problem. My most profound moment was when I was able to get through the day without drugs (medications) and start to regain my life again and get back in control. 


The Q Wave Pulse ™ healing disc is unique in it's healing abilities because it can heal the root cause of the problem and relieve pain.  I see many people suffering from pain with little hope.  I myself am still suffering nerve damage because my condition was very severe and complicated.  I was told I would never walk again and could possibly lose my legs.  Today my invention helps me control my nerve damage pain without the use of drugs.

Now I need your help to bring this remarkable technology to market. If you suffer, or know anyone who suffers from injury or chronic pain, your support for this project could make all the difference in the world!  We will also keep you informed on the UPDATE page once we are ready to sell our technology.

Thank you, in advance, for your confidence in this powerful way of healing pain, drug free..
























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