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Garth Holding, Inventor



In June of 2013 Garth Holding and his wife Joanne approached Bob Dickie of Spark Innovations in King City, Ontario to develop his revolutionary idea, the Q Wave Pulse™ healing disc.  Through Bob’s extensive experience and success in design, development and manufacturing of various products for the Health and Wellbeing area, the Q Wave Pulse™ healing disc idea was on it's way to being developed.  Bob Dickie and his team of professional engineers guided Garth through the process of creating the Q Wave Pulse™ healing disc, building a prototype, the tooling and led us through the manufacturing process.


Garth was awarded a US Patent in 2016 and recently a Canadian Patent in 2018 and Trade Mark on The Q Wave Pulse™ healing disc. He was also awarded patents for his unique adhesive patch designs.


We are just finalizing the new version prototypes with our design team of engineers in Canada and the United States. Garth and Joanne (Garth's wife) will be working on the manufacturing of this ground-breaking product for final release to the market sometime in late 2018 to 2019.

We will be looking for investment support through private capital sources to see what kind of support we can generate for this new revolutionary Invention that helps people heal and deal with daily chronic pain. A Drug Free Solution!


We are also talking currently to potential investors in Canada that will assist us in taking the Q Wave Pulse™ healing disc to the next level in Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Licensing World Wide.

Garth Holding suffered for a decade following a devastating motor vehicle accident, 23 surgeries and endless rehab.

Through extensive research into the many studies available, that included amazing findings from NASA; The University of Cincinnati Physics and Biomedical Engineering department; Dr. Michael Weingarten, M.D., chief of vascular surgery at Drexel University Dept of Medicine, Philadelphia; Authors Dr. Richard Gerber, MD and Dr. Mitchell Gaynor; and others, I learned about the amazing potential of low-frequency treatments. As a result, this lead me on a several-year research and development journey that resulted in the creation of the revolutionary Q Wave Pulse™ healing disc.

Many doctors and medical professionals are realizing the potential of a drug free approach to healing and pain utilizing

ultra-low frequencies and vibration.

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