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About The Q Wave Pulse™ 


The Q Wave Pulse™ healing disc uses proven scientific energy medicine to heal and repair injuries, wounds, bruising, nerve damage and controls pain without the use of drugs. No more addiction to high priced medications that do more harm than good and have many side effects.


Pain Free Naturally.


How Frequencies Work


Sound is described as vibrating energy. This vibration creates a frequency, which translates as sound and is measured in cycles per second (CPS) or Hertz (Hz).  We now know that our bodies and organs produce frequencies that are individual for each part; even our DNA resonates at a frequency. There is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by frequencies.


Albert Einstein once said: “Sound is at the core of Creation and as such has a hidden power, a stupendous force, even bigger than the power generated by Falls of Niagra”.  Sound therapy can re-tune your body.


Ultra-low frequency waves in the range of 3Hz – 11Hz are natural healing frequencies aligned with nature to heal different areas of the body and mind. These ultra-low frequencies help to increase the healing activity, regenerate damaged tissue and revitalize our body and mind.


Frequencies in nature, physics and the universe are everywhere. The same is true with the human body and mind. The balance of frequencies and natural energies are very important in order to bring the human being in alignment with nature, and the world around them. When your body gets injured, or damaged, it doesn’t have the same blood flow as a body in prime working condition. These frequencies help to correct the underlying problem, and bring about health and wellness.



What is frequency Healing


 Every part of our body generates and radiates energy at certain frequencies.  Scientists now have proven that a specific body tissue or part has a particular frequency pattern, associated with it, that changes when any disease affects it.  By modifying the associated frequency of tissue, its condition can be improved.


Transmitted energy of ultra-low frequency waves is a whole new method of treating and healing many health conditions.  It is considered energy medicine which heals, maintains and organizes vital living systems. Such energies can stimulate the repair of tissues and enable built-in-healing mechanisms to operate more effectively. These frequencies can treat nerve, chronic pain and many other conditions using specific frequencies.


In conclusion, using ultra low frequency waves can stimulate the tissue to realize and correct imbalances. Any injury, pain, damage or disease indicates that we are not in harmony and our bodies are imbalanced.



How does it work?


The Q-Wave Pulse™ healing disc is based on the science of energy healing medicine. The device releases electronic pulses in the form of ultra low frequency waves that penetrate deep into tissue, cells, muscle and joints to relieve pain. These waves stimulate the damaged area and increase blood flow to revitalize and enable the body to heal efficiently.  More importantly, this process corrects the underlying problem.


In order to heal damaged or injured areas you need to heal the associated tissue.   That is why our device is very unlike the TENS unit or other such devices which only deliver a light electrical current to the skin to disrupt the pain cycle temporarily.


Our healing disc treats and heals areas based on different levels of frequencies that correct and correspond to different injuries.  Every part of our body generates and radiates energy at certain frequencies. By utilizing ultra-low frequency waves pre-set to 4 main healing zones from 3Hz to 11Hz this technology can help heal by as much as 80%. The compact disc-shape electronic micro chip device with rechargeable lithium battery technology can be placed on or over the injured area to begin the healing process. 


Our device delivers 4 pre-set frequencies, in a pulse rhythm vibration that is set to 20 minute treatment intervals similar to those found in medical clinics and on other therapy treatment devices. The frequency is set by you to promote healing of the injured area or control the pain.

4 Pre-set frequencies from 3Hz to 11Hz:


Green - 11 Hertz

Red - 7.8 Hertz

Blue - 6.8 Hertz

Yellow -  3.3 Hertz

The Q-Wave Pulse™ healing disc reduces pain in the human body by utilizing ultra-low frequency waves pre-set to four main healing zones from 3Hz to 11Hz. This frequency technology helps heal tissue and cells in the human body and can accelerate healing by as much as 80%.


The Q-Wave Pulse™ healing disc has a different approach to healing not only because it uses ultra-low frequency waves but also because it is a lightweight, more portable and a less complicated treatment option such as TENS, Ultrasound and others.  No wires, extra pads, gels and creams are needed. With recent modern technical advances (the same advances that allow you to carry a cell phone, ipad or mini-computer), we were able to create a safe, effective portable device that gets results and is FDA cleared. Our healing disc is self contained and doesn't require other mobile devices in order to operate so you have complete freedom to use it. It's just a disc about the size of a watch face that can be placed on any area of the body with the assistance of a circular adhesive patch or breathable velcro sport strap if needed.









It doesn’t have to hurt to heal.


"It doesn’t have to hurt to heal" is our motto because it’s true. Often other medical devices and electronic healing products send such a high signal into the skin that they do more damage than good. People often feel extreme pain from severe injuries or nerve damage because the injured areas are very sensitive to electronic signals often causing a burning sensation. The Q-Wave Pulse™ healing disc utilizes ultra-low frequency waves below 12Hz. These electronic signals do not cause pain or burning of the skin or injured area.


The Q-Wave Pulse™ is a revolutionary new, drug-free, therapeutic product for treating and controlling pain; arthritis, muscle, bone and joint injuries; and much more.



The Q-Wave Pulse™ healing disc is a revolutionary new, drug-free, therapeutic product for treating chronic pain; arthritis; muscle, bone and joint injuries; and much more. 

Since life began, Earth has been surrounding and protecting all living things with a natural frequency pulsation. All living things are dependant on frequency and vibration for health and wellbeing. This natural harmony is set at levels that have been measured scientifically through years of data and research.


The Earth for example has a frequency of 7.83 Hz, as measured by the Schumann Resonance Frequency. The Pyramid of Giza in Egypt has a constant frequency measured at 6.8 Hz. Healing frequencies of humans and in dolphins is measured at 8 Hz. Not surprising, considering many frequencies that are good for the body, mind and support good health and wellbeing, are based on these ultra-low frequencies.

Healing frequencies of humans

and in Dolphins is measured at

8 Hz. Many frequencies that are good for the body, mind and support good health and well being are based on these ultra- low frequency.

Stonehenge in England resonates at 10 Hz and so does the human brain. Alpha Waves that naturally relax the mind and body open a channel in dreamscape and allow our mind’s to explore, use our natural ESP and mind healing powers.

Opioid pain medications are

responsible for more deaths each

year than illegal drugs.

It’s time to break free from the strain and stress of pain medications, harmful electronic devices on the market or in clinics and start using the Q-Wave Pulse™ healing disc. Opiod pain medications are responsible for more deaths each year than illegal drugs.


It’s important for good health and well being to align ourselves and re-balance our bodies, minds and structural systems to that of nature. We need to promote good healthy living by combining exercise, diet and proper living habits with the Q-Wave Pulse™ healing disc.



Supporting Evidence of Healing Technologies


Supporting documentation is based on years of clinical trials and studies that have been done before us with the Schuman Resonance Studies, Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Richard Gerber (Vibrating Medicine), Dr. Michael Weingarten, (Chief of Vascular Surgery at Drexle University). 


According to News Medical recent increasing evidence indicates that ultrasound at lower frequency can be used to help certain body tissues to heal and regenerate.  The technology of frequency healing has affected the lives of millions of people in everyday life. 


Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A states sound is the medicine for the new millennium. Study and clinical trials by Journal of Foot and Ankle Research is underway  on the healing rate of low frequency ultra sounds on diabetes related foot ulcers.


Ultra Sound Technician Centre - According to the New England Journal of Medicine, patients who received ultrasound treatment for tendonitis in the shoulder showed a 50% improvement after six weeks of treatment, compared to groups that did not receive any ultrasound therapy. Various clinical trials have proven patients that use ultrasound physical therapy heal faster, with a lot less pain.


Indian Journal of Orthopaedics - A variety of biological, mechanical, and physical interventions have been developed to enhance fracture healing. This article focuses on the range of physical methods to stimulate bone healing including electrical stimulators, and low-intensity pulsed ultrasound.

Pub-Med - Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) is a relatively new technique for the acceleration of fracture healing in fresh fractures.


In 2003  NASA-Goodwin space research found 10Hz square wave stimulations caused neural tissue regeneration @ 4x baseline with better 3-D orientation.  As well, in 2013 European researchers found that both bone fractures and nerve stimulation utilizing low pulsating waves of frequency increases the healing time of fractures and injuries to nerve cells in the body.


Orthopoedic Technology Review - Stimulating Treatment - For the last 30 years, surgeons have extensively studied the use of electrical current for the treatment of difficult fractures, including nonunions, delayed unions, and stress fractures.  Electrical stimulation has been documented to be useful as a treatment.




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